20 September, 2020
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Unfortunate Intersections Pilot Episode: 16th and Troy

This is the pilot episode for a potential new series where I take an intersection I don't like and rip it a new one.

This afternoon I went on a walk through my city’s depths. I set no destination and changed direction on a whim. I had nothing on my calendar to incite me into checking the time. Earbuds and a podcast kept my brain from its usual unhealthy cycles.

What It’s Like to Walk on Federal

I recently took this pic for WalkDenver. They had volunteers planting bulbs near pedestrian crossings along Federal...

On the Benefits of Urban Planning Memes

  Most memes are poorly executed, forgettable nonsense...though this could be said about television or YouTube or...
flagstone sidewalk repairvideo

Flagstone Sidewalk Repair

Denver recently rolled out its Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program, which is great because proper sidewalks are the other side of the coin...

My Bikes on RTD Video was Featured in Streetsblog :)

I made this video because I know that taking a bike on transit---especially buses---for the first time can be prohibitively scary. Which...

How to Take Your Bike on RTD

I remember how terrified I was about holding up the other passengers...and then having to sit amongst their judgy eyes. The only...

I Was Interviewed For an Article On Walkability

I really like this article (and not just because I'm quoted in it). It does a good job of addressing why walkability sucks so...

In Praise of Dandelions + Pickled Entropy Update

Dandelions are great. Also a brief primer on why I haven't been uploading, and the reason more videos are coming soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-jTsNzVYMs

Diversity is Important in People AND Architecture

I love the contrast of different architectural eras: shiny vs. dull, smooth vs. course, savory vs. sweet.