Flagstone Sidewalk Repair


Denver recently rolled out its Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program, which is great because proper sidewalks are the other side of the coin to reducing car usage.

Meteor impact, obviously.

The reason WalkDenver wanted me to make this video is because they pushed (and pushed and pushed) for the city to enforce its broken sidewalk policy, and there was a concern that wealthy, connected residents living in historic districts would complain about losing their flagstones and undermine all the progress that was made.

I filmed this with my iPhone because it was raining and my iPhone is more waterproof than my DSLR. This, along with people walking in front of me while filming and some old-fashioned poor planning, I ended up with very short segments of usable footage. This explains some of the neurotic editing, but also gave me an excuse to experiment with things like split-screen for the first time.

Limitation breeds creativity.

I’m really happy with how it came out. This was my first video for my first client in my “Social Media for Scrappy, Urbanist Nonprofits” business.


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