My Bikes on RTD Video was Featured in Streetsblog :)


I made this video because I know that taking a bike on transit—especially buses—for the first time can be prohibitively scary. Which is why I am very excited that it has received so much positive attention.

Watch This Video and Crush Your Anxiety Over Taking a Bike on RTD Buses and Trains
Click through to read Streetsblog Denver’s blog post about it.

I have dealt with crippling social anxiety myself, so it is very satisfying to think that with one video I can both reduce anxiety AND increase transit ridership. At least a little bit. 

RTD doesn’t seem to be motivated to encourage people to use their services (which I will talk at length about later), so it’s up to advocates to do it—and this video is just a drop in the ocean of what it is going to take to change the transportation status quo.

Stay tuned for more drops.


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